Renovating Old Floor: What To Do?

There are many houses that have old flooring and that is a beautiful thing for sure as there is a certain charm of an old floor. The sense of antiquity makes it a better choice and that is the reason why most people don’t choose to renovate their floors. On the other hand there are certain drawbacks of having an old floor as well. Damp and cool surfaces of wooden floors happen to be the foremost reasons on the list. So, it is better to have the room floor renovated right? Well, we are here to help you with the renovations flooring in Sugar Land.

Levelling of An Old Floor

It is often true that the floors and other materials absorb and evaporate the moisture content of the room. This in turn leaves the floors of the room damp. Now, what’s the reason behind this?  When you spread some non-breathable material such as a carpet or something on the floor then such a situation tend to occur more often. The solution lies in putting tiles or any other material on the floors instead of a carpet.

One of the best ways to have comfortable floors is to put tiles or dig the floor out into a certain level so as to allow the insulation of the new floor. Here are some steps:

  • You need to dig the floor to a certain depth to level it properly.
  • Then you need to lay a certain layer of clay beads to make sure that the floor is properly insulated. Cover the layer with lime and concrete then.
  • Putting the tiles on the finished material would be the next step.

Well, this is how the process of levelling the floors for renovations flooring in Sugar Land goes.

Repairing The Wooden Floors

Reviving and repairing the wooden floors isn’t really a very difficult task. Most people prefer to do that for renovations flooring in Sugar Land. Instead of taking professional help, you can easily do the task yourself. All you have to do is sort and repair the scratches and squeaks and put some varnish and you are all set. Confused? Well, here are some steps to help you out.

  • The first step would be scraping of any adhesive or glue which is attached to the floor boards. Make sure that all the exposed nails and bits are removed as well.
  • Replace the broken boards and nail down all the loose ones.
  • Fill all the gaps that you can find with the help of wood strips.
  • Sanding the floor with the help of sandpaper would be the next step. You need to make sure that you have the right sandpaper for the task.

Sealing and Cleaning All The Tiles

One of the best things about having the tiles is that they can make the moisture evaporate very easily. This is the reason why sealing the tiles is an important step for the whole floor. Using breathable stains is also a very good idea to seal the tiles. You need to make sure that you take special care while doing this because you certainly don’t want to compromise with the beauty of your house.